Saturday, August 14, 2010

My latest work in stain glass

Two years ago I cut out the peices of glass that would eventually be a map of New Mexico... with all of its counties worked in different colors and types of glass. After I finished that step I started to think it would be very difficult to get the peices to have sharp corners as I didn't have a glass saw.. only a grinder. Last month I was poking around all of my 'stuff' and found this bag filled with these county peices unfinished. I then thought that this would be a great challange for me... to be able to produce this art without a saw. It worked. The corners are slightly rounded but still appear to be correct county shapes and the colors and glass look spectacular shining in a window. I also copper wrapped several crystals, hammered some copper sheeting to add to the finished work. I then hung the map on a peice of dried cholla cactus. All were elements of New Mexico. I had to hang it on a wall as it was just too bright to photograph in a window... but this can give you an idea of how nice it turned out. This was a gift for a friend.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Your stained glass is so pretty and must feel good to complete an unfinished project. I have a friend here who learned Sadu weaving and brought back cholla when she was in NM so she could hang her weaving from it. She entered it in a Kuwait Textiles Association show and actually won honorable mention for a student weaver. She gave me a piece of cholla but I haven't done anything with it yet. I'm sure your friend much appreciated your handmade gift. Best wishes, Tammy

Zerine said...

you know who I'm hoping the friend is.... hee hee

Rima said...

Now that is so beautiful! I love it.