Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween is here! BOO!

Happy Halloween everyone! I haven't blogged this week... nothing much going on here. Just working and trying to survive our governments mishandling of our economic woes. As I am heading towards retirement this has made me a little more than nervous. I can only hope it won't impact my plans to have a life for myself!

I love this time of year... here in New Mexico we have all four seasons and fall is my favorite... leaves turning and the smell of pinon smoke in the air! We are also starting our 2-week Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque which is 60 miles south of Santa Fe. Occasionally some balloons will drift over our homes and it just sets off the dogs... they go absolutely crazy when they see them! I wonder what goes thru their doggie brains when they see one?

I just finished decorating my little house... I forget from year to year just what it is that I have packed away (I have many senior moments!) so its always like getting little gifts when I unpack and see my goodies.

I also paid a visit to our farmers market and brought home these delicious apples. I feel an apple pie is in my future!

Have a good weekend!


Saucy said...

It's weird up here in Canada because our Thanksgiving is next weekend, so I don't really put up any Halloween decor before that is over, just plain pumpkins and fall leaves and then I add to it.

Plus, this year we are having a Harry Potter themed Christmas here and I think that will mean leaving up some of the Halloween stuff and just adding to it!

Love your Halloween decor.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I had to laugh that you forget what you have until you open it. I'm the same way! I go to the family reunion and meet new people too! Hope you have a great weekend. Twyla