Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie review: Angel Eyes

At this point in my blog I will only be reviewing movies I feel are worth the time and money to watch. Anything I see that I feel is a very bad movie won't get much of a mention. This was a good movie.

Its is a story about a two people who cross paths under life-threatening circumstances as though they are destined not only to meet but to save each other's lives. Not once, but twice.

Officer Sharon Pogue (played by Jennifer Lopez) is an good cop but she has no personal life. She has been estranged from her family for many years.

Somewhere in the same neighborhood a man who goes by the name of Catch (James Cavazal) is living his own half-life. A a lonley and sad man who sleeps in an empty apartment, he spends his days dispensing little gifts of goodwill to anyone in need. If it starts to rain and he notices a car window open, Catch will roll it up; if a stranger passes by, Catch will offer a smile. Twice a week he delivers groceries to a disabled woman named Elanora Davis (Shirley Knight). He and Elanora exchange the same light banter every time he stops by but she has learned not to ask him the kinds of questions he doesn't want to answer.

Like Sharon, Catch has no personal life.

This story is about conflict between isolation and connection.

After years of dealing with their pain in the only way they knew how, Sharon and Catch must make some difficult decisions and risk losing each other if they are going to move forward and reclaim their lives.

Both Lopez and Cavazel do a great job with their characters. This was a heartwarming movie and had me from the first five minutes. Another one I recommend.