Monday, August 25, 2008

Amy Butler nightmare bag

This was the toughest sewing job I have ever done. I've made wedding gowns... furniture covers... been sewing for over 40 years... but never have I ever been so confused over a pattern. I don't know if it was poorly written or if it was me... but I truely struggled with this project. Also... the timex lining was so difficult to sew that I ended up having to hand sew the top edge and the handle edges as my sewing machine needle just couldn't punch thru it. And pushing that needle thru the timex was a real challange. I poked my fingers a dozen times yesterday... but I finished it... I plan on keeping my cross-stitch projects in this thing. If anyone wants a free Amy butler pattern let me know. First one to show an interest in it I'll mail it to you. I won't be making another one!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

You are so funny! I feel your pain. Sometimes they just don't make sense. I get frustrated Real easy over these projects and they usually end up not even getting done. You should be proud of yourself for at least finishing it. It looks pretty good to me! Twyla

Chrissie said...

Sorry it was a pain. It is really cute though.