Thursday, July 17, 2008

Book review

This is a review of the book I just finished.. called The Slow Moon... I didn't write this review but it pretty much sums up the book... and this was a very good book.

The author conjures up an exhilarating mix of damaged teenagers as they try to shoulder their respective secrets and burdens, facing the moral dilemmas of living in this world. Bobbie's lost father is found, and Crow's own father, his real one, had been lost, while Carl tries frantically to toughen the bookish Johnny up by encouraging him to practice what he views as masculine outdoor pursuits.

These teenagers are on a barely drifting edge of sexuality. Obviously eager, these boys think they are men,. They are not, yet, and just don't want to think about the price it takes to be men. These are also months of anguish for Carl and for Sophie as she yearns desperately to remember her assault. When she finally does, the central family and friend relationships are tested to the limit.

The Slow Moon is a deeply haunting journey, where teenagers act shockingly and irresponsibly but are in the end trapped and ensnared by the endlessly self-absorbed behavior of those around them.


Chrissie said...

Thanks for sharing. It sounds great.