Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A cute cap and a ugly cap

Well... the striped cap is the one that gave me such fits while I was knitting it last week. Hrumph! I think it was too big a challange for me since I am not good at knitting yet. Some of the stitches called for in the pattern I couldn't figure out for the life of me so I substituted with just a simple garter stitch... so even tho the panels are all supposed to have different stitches most of them are plain knit or garter. And knitting the panels together as I went along was real challenging... when I retire I plan on knitting until I'm good at it.

The other cap was very easy to knit in the round... I bought the homespun and dyed yarn at our farmers market... looks like orange sherbert... that was a lot of fun to knit... simple... and turned out beautifully...

Sadly... there are no babies in my life so I had to use a coffee can for a modle!

That was my week last week. I'm off work today and plan on cleaning house. I've also posted on Craigs List a ton of beautiful stamps, books and other things to sell... I need more room in my work space! After this stuff is gone I am going to organize!


Shweta Shankar said...

Can't see the pictures.

dhalpern3 said...

Hi leslie,
This is Diane from 3 rivers crochet and just read your comment from our blog. So I came over to see your blog. I love the caps. I've been crocheting for 40 years and knitting 2. I sympathize with your difficulties and admire your determination. My friends insisted I learn to knit. I'm as awful at it as I am good with crochet.
Thanks for the comment.
Happy blogging

Carla said...

Hallo Leslie, so glad I found you!
On granny along blog you showed a picture of the beautiful willow blanket, really it's top!!!
I've searched all over internet to find the crochet pattern - but no luck! May I ask you a favor, could you please send me the pattern or tell me where I can find it? I want to crochet a blanket for mij daughter's new house and she has chosen the willow block, so you might understand why I need the pattern so badly!! Really Leslie, you would make me (and her)very happy! Hope you might find time, because I see on your blog that you're very busy!! May I thank you very much in advance, hope to hear from you soon!
With kindly regards from The Netherlands, Carla

Chrissie said...

I love them both. I love the colors of the orange serbert one, thats what I want my new bedroom comforter to look like.