Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is here already!

This year has flown by. It seems like just a few weeks ago I posted about packing up Christmas... and here I am unpacking again!
First photo is of my next project... a swiffer duster made out of leftover fleece... such a great idea. It saves money on buying the toss out kind. These just go in the wash

This next photo is of my brother Chris (who refers to himself as Gus in my blog comments... he's a real character)... he's with one of his close friends Tanya who is a mighty talented singer/songwriter (she should try out for American Idol)... you can check out her music on CDBaby... she is part of a couple... Kit Smith and Tanya Livingston... you can find her music by searching their names... you won't be disappointed... beautiful music they write!

This last photo... its Abraham Lincoln's chamberpot! Its in some museum in Illinois where they have a lot of his memoriabilia... I found this fascinating... an article of furniture used everyday... and something we never give a thought to!

Work tomorrow :(

Take care... I'll be busy decorating today!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Very interesting post! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your menu certainly sounded delishious! Twyla