Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks Twyla and Lindsey... your too generous!

I received my winning give-away box today from Twyla and Lindsey of TWO CRAZY CRAFTERS and it just knocked my socks off... so I put my new slippers on :) This was such a generous box that I kept pulling out one item after another... each one cuter then the last... and they even wrapped them in pattern peices... they sent me several vintage items... an adorable apron, some old cards that just took me back 50 years... vintage fabric, a lovely hand embroidered tea towel.. and a package of vintage hem facing with the 59 cent sticker on it! Just amazing... that items used to be so inexpensive! Only 59 cents! And I'm not through yet... there was a spool of white lace, a few yards of wide pink luscious satin ribbon (real satin)... several fat quarters, a knitted dish cloth, crocheted coasters, those pink slippers I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, and a colorful crocheted granny square pot holder! Boy did I luck out! Twyla and Lindsey have become good friends thru our websites and I was so happy to have won this give-away. Thanks again for your thoughtful and wonderful box! Here are some photos of all my goodies!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Leslie, we are so glad you loved everything! It was a pleasure to wrap everything up for you and hope that you would enjoy unwrapping it. Lindsey made the wall hanging of the little girl. I make all the knit and crochet items. We love to collect vintage items from flea markets and was happy to share our supply with you! Have a happy day! Twyla and Lindsey

Chrissie said...

Wow looks great. I bet you were so surprised to receive these boxes of goodies.

Ginger said...

Hi leslie am your parter for the zombie jar swap.
My name is ginger so happy to get to see your blog.Can you write me please with your home adress and i'll e-mail you back with mine.
Isn't this going to be fun hugs ginger
love your blog!!!