Friday, September 19, 2008

Movie Review "My Brilliant Career"

I want to share with my bloggers something about one of my top ten favorite movies. Its called “MY BRILLIANT CAREER”. This is an older film (1979) and also an Australian film. This movie is about Sybylla, a young woman living with her parents on a remote farm in the bush in Australia. She dreams of living a more intellectually and culturally rewarding life, and is writing a memoir. When she goes to stay on her grandmother's estate at Caddagat things improve somewhat, and she is also courted by Frank Hawden, a rather conceited English immigrant, and Harry Beecham, a young landowner. She is attracted to Harry, and is faced with the choice of trying to pursue a "brilliant career" or getting married.
Judy Davis, whose performance makes Sybylla totally convincing and never allows her high spirits to become annoying, is awesome in this movie. I believe I read somewhere that this was her first film.
I’m posting a couple of stills from the movie that I found on the web. If you ever see this in your local video store please do rent it. You won’t be sorry.


Chrissie said...

Another to add to my list. I love your movie reviews.