Thursday, August 14, 2008

requested photos of projects

Here are a few projects that I had mentioned in my last blog. The granny-square blanket is a Cath Kidson pattern... the other striped blanket is going to help clear out some of my yarn stash... and the sampler is for my girlfriend to honor her mom. I work on the sampler during my breaks and lunch at work... and the striped blanket in the evenings. The Cath Kidson blanket is pretty much on hold for a few weeks... until I get over how tedius it had become... and feel enthusiastic about it again. Here you go Two Crazy Crafters! These photos are for you!


Chrissie said...

Oh I love the colors of these projects.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks so much! I love seeing your work! Your Kidston blanket is beautiful. Those loose ends you have to weave in are the Worst! aren't they? Your striped one is beautiful, too. Won't be long till it will be time to cover up with them. Thanks again, you're a sweetie! Twyla

Zerine said...

I'm very excited to see the final on my mom's tribute. Thank you, mine friend!