Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Review: Strange Planet

This 1999 film is a comedy and takes place over the course of one year - opening on New Year's Eve of one year and closing exactly one year later. The film focuses on three women living together in a house in Sydney and three male best friends. The men and women at the film's start have not yet met, but it is obvious that all will get together by film's end. The three women are all ending nowhere relationships with married men, older men, or just life's losers. One of the men is just a shy law graduate, one is a sexual conqueror who has just learned one of his conquests is pregnant, and the last is facing a breakup of his marriage. Through various events, each of the two trios end up together at the turn of the year. I think this may be one of Naomi Watts first films... I am a huge fan of hers and it was fun seeing her outshine all of the others in this film. It was also filmed in Sydney Australia. I lived for a short while on the east coast of Australia... a small town outside of Brisbane... so I am always thrilled to see any Australian film. They do make wonderful movies there. I give this 3 stars as some of the characters were silly and the plot was fairly transparent. But I still enjoyed watching this movie.