Friday, January 9, 2009

One more post about Alan Rickman and no more... I promise!

I'd just like to emphasize it one more time--lots and lots of people have a thing for Alan Rickman.

This becomes startlingly apparent anytime one searches for "Alan Rickman" on Facebook--155 groups, people. One hundred and fifty-five. (For reference, there are 208 for Patrick Dempsey [not that I think he's particularly attractive, but he's moderately popular right now] and only 9 for the guy who plays Henry the Accountant on Ugly Betty. Colin Firth beats Alan Rickman with 175, one of which is named "It's Too Bad Colin Firth Has 3 Kids, Cuz I Could Definitely Handle Him Just Being Married." Sadly, that group only has three members.)

But it's not so much about the numbers as the themes of these Alan Rickman groups. Here's a sampling:

Alan Rickman is sexy!

Alan Rickman is really, really sexy and I don't care if he's old!

Alan Rickman Could Make a Dictionary Sound Sexy

Alan Rickman is a Sexy Beast (1,451 members)

I wish Alan Rickman would love me back!

Alan Rickman Can Impregnate By Touch Alone (837 members)

Alan Rickman Gives Me Unrealistic Ideas About Love

alan rickman is the sex

I want to have Alan Rickman's babies

. . . and others that are dirtier than I feel prudent to repeat here.

Obviously I have become quite enchanted by this actor. It has made my boring job and day-to-day life a little less boring. I am have a lot of fun googling this guy... and oogling also! Who knew how sexy a man of 62 years could be?


AJ said...

This is hilarious. Did you know about Leah writes about Alan Rickman too.

Fantastic Forrest said...

This cracks me up.

And yes, I have a thing for Alan Rickman.

Excuse me, I have to go join some Facebook groups...

Eliza said...

I was in NYC before Xmas, doing last minute shopping- and who am I standing next to in a shop in Soho? The Big Man (AR) himself. Once I could breathe- I moved to another aisle to give him some space and he comes into the next aisle. Of the top 100 celebs I'd like to have lunch with- he's all 100. Totallymade my Christmas!

Fantastic Forrest said...

I am now officially insanely jealous of Eliza. I wonder if he's going to do a play in NYC. I would pay big bucks for those tickets, after paying to fly cross country to see him.