Friday, January 16, 2009

All about me

I realize this post is horribly self-centered. Normally I'm not. Really. But I got this idea from reading another blog and thought it interesting to learn a little bit about another blogger. So here goes.

1. I get confused when I think of God.

2. I believe that when my father dies, he’ll go to a wonderful farm where he can plant and grow beautiful vegetables. There will be a lot of animals on this farm and he will have dogs…many dogs. And a quiet pine-walled room where he can read in front of a fireplace in peace and quiet.

3. I am scared of the police, even though I don’t tend to break the law.

4. I’ve only been officially drunk 4 times.

5. I love gray zebra finches.

6. I had a crush on a girl once. But it was really a romantic and non-lustful love, and she didn’t know me and nothing ever came of it.

7. I’ve always had very vividly characterized imaginary boyfriends.

8. My first “boyfriend” was Davy Jones of the Monkees.

9. My current one is Alan Rickman.

10. I would love to have a weekly cleaning lady… it is the ultimate bourgeois dream…

11. Even tho I have always been part of the workforce, I really wanted nothing more for myself than to raise children and keep house.

12. To my shame I use Splenda and flavored creamer in my coffee.

13. I am deeply ashamed of my rampant materialism.

14. I’m a gossip.

15. I’ve always loved jeans and one of my dreams is to be able to fit into a pair of 501s.

16. I love reading true crime, but have a moral and ethical aversion to my own prurience.

17. I love television.

18. I love yarn with a love that borders on obsession.

19. I love glass with a love that borders on obsession.

20. I am an Anglophile. I get all shy and groupie-ish around people with English, Scottish, and Irish accents.

21. I’m an Alto.

22. I love tiny little things in tiny little boxes.

23. I define myself as politically liberal.

24. I hated high school

25. I am not a prude. In fact, sometimes I think I’m as far from a prude as one can be.

26. I am trying not to cuss, and failing miserably.

27. I am very uncomfortable if I take the Lord’s name in vain. I’m trying not to. Seriously.

28. I HATE when people crack their gum. It drives me insane.

29. I don’t like any kind of fruit pies.

30. I adore Taco Bell.

31. I have White Trash in me from my mother’s side. I embrace it.

32. The best moment of my life was the moment I pushed my son out. Who knows, maybe it was the endorphin rush.

33. I am pro-choice, but sickened by partial-birth abortions.

34. I have frequent dreams about flying, and frequent anxiety dreams, both.

35. I enjoy getting worked up about big issues.

36. I’m scared of toddlers; I think they’re a bit sociopathic.

37. I love prescription tranquilizers.

38. I think the greatest love story ever told is the courtship of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder.

39. Green is my favorite color.

40. I have no good memories of adolescence.

41. I wish now that I had gone to law school and become a lawyer.

42. I’ve never been in a physical fight, but I firmly believe that no one should tangle with me; they won’t easily win.

43. I use my Kitchen-Aid mixer all the time.

44. I am appalled with teenagers addictions to cell phones.

45. I get road rage; I just don’t act on it.

46. I love being the driver.

47. I’m not that into Thanksgiving.

48. I love Christmas.

49. I value books above all other possessions. I own hundreds of them, and collect more all the time. I wouldn’t feel at home in a house that wasn’t crammed full of books.

50. I’ve never worn makeup.

51. I’ll only ever use Macintosh computers. I’m a Mac snob.

52. I am hearing impaired and have been since age 35.

53. In museums, I prefer to sit in one or two spots near things I like to look at than to walk around.

54. I’m good at math, but was very lazy when I studied it in high school, so it didn’t become apparent till later on in my adult life.

55. Although I complain a lot, most of the time I’m glad to be alive.

56. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m afraid of the physical act of dying.

57. I like to believe I am intelligent but at times question it.

58. I like to think about how the universe is materially finite.

59 I love my four dogs and 2 cats completely.

60 After 18 years I still don’t understand Microsoft Word.

61. I love clothes and shoes and wish I could spend thousands of dollars on them.

62. I love to give gifts to people, especially to make things for them.

63 I love my little brother unconditionally.

64. I only wear sensible shoes.

65. I love snorkling in Hawaii.

66. I most always scrape the frosting off of my peice of cake.

67. I’m nervous about my rapidly approaching retirement.

68. I like to think there is other life beyond our solar system.

69. I am loyal to my friends and family.

70. I am endlessly curious about other cultures and other countries. This means I do a lot of web searching.

71. I tend to be controlling. Just ask my husband.

72. I still vividly recall being a child.

73. I am so glad that I’m a woman but often wonder what it would have been like to have been born male.

74. I love sad movies.

75. I adore my mother.


Rima said...

Haha. There are so many things on this list that make as twins separated at birth :) I am a control freak too. Mac Snob. Have always had imaginary boyfriends. etc etc.

juanitatortilla said...

Your list makes me smile.
Don't we all have our (imaginary) boyfriends?

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love the new look of your blog and I loved reading your list! I am right there with you on No. 18. Twyla

Cathy... said...

Hi Leslie! What a great idea. I loved your list and am now inspired to put one of my own out there! By the way - don't worry too much about retirement. It's an adjustment, for sure, but I think you're going to be just fine!

juanita de la vega said...

wow! your list is long, but I share with you a lot of things, like: We all in family are Mac Snob, I love the story of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls, the romantic and sad films, (pride and prejudice and so) had imaginary boyfriends, I love tiny things...etc.
Did you know that the great Hitchcock was scared for all his life of the police?

Lindsey Smith said...

I'm laughing at #42, remember the kitchen incident? What a mess!