Monday, October 20, 2008

Knot bags... a bakers dozen!

I've signed up for two holiday craft bazaars next month and I am working my tail off completing several jobs... I've stitched up 13 knot bags which I hope to sell for $20. If that seems too high please let me know! I am thinking that $15 would be a better price and would move these along. Sigh... I am very bad at pricing things! If you could please comment and let me know what you think about pricing these bags! For a closer view of these bags and their varied patterns and fabrics just click on the photo. Thanks.


Ginger said...

Lesie Can you cash checks to you from out of state? Or would you rather have money order for bags? i need 4 in pinks, reds doesn't matter frabic am eadsy lol let me know it your old parter this is for christmas and might be ordering more...
i'll get these and see (There awesome) ok what do you make for boys? let me know come on keep sewing lol hugs ginger let me know how we do this please. ordering knot bags

Ginger said...

oh lord Fabric...can't type fast here thought i was doing good sorry miss spell.