Friday, August 1, 2008

Too busy... Just too busy!

Chrissie from Where the Bluegrass Grows commented that I haven't blogged in a few days... I know.. I do love blogging but life just seems to jump up in my face and I can't hardly find the time to sit down and think of something wonderful to blog! Sadly my VBF's mom was in a serious accident on Monday and is in ICU... and not expected to make it. Diane (my VBF) is extremely close to her mother so this is going to be such a tough life experience for her to have to live through. I love her and it just saddens me that I live so far from her and cannot be more of a support to her. Sigh. I also have a three-day conference coming up next week... and this will sap my mental strength for sure! I am also having a garage sale Saturday and Sunday... and you know how those are! Intense heat, people trying to get something worth $5 for 25cents... yuck. I'll be really glad when the next 7 days is over with! In the meantime if any bloggers out there want to send a prayer out for Ilsa I would appreciate it so much! Heres a photo of Diane and her son... taken quite a few years ago.


Emily said...

I love old photos.

Hope you can relax again soon!

Tonjia said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog! I have added you to my list of must read blogs too.

I am so sorry to hear about your friends mom. I am sending out a prayer to the entire family..

Take care of yourself next week!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am sending positive thoughts her way. Hope your next 7 days don't turn out as bad as you think and you are given extra strength to make it! Twyla

Chrissie said...

I am glad you are okay...well for the most part. I was worried. I am sorry to hear about the sad news. I will definitely keep her in my prayers along with her family and you. Check in when you can. Take care.

Zerine said...

Thanks for the thoughtfulness, leslie. Amazing how i haven't changed a bit in 30 years.