Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beautiful weather and great 4th of July!

Here in New Mexico the weather has been typical. Our monsoon season startes the first week of July and usually lasts a couple of weeks. Every afternoon it clouds up, rains for about 20 minutes, and then dries up. It lowers the tempature and by evening the air is balmy and clean... one of the things I love about Santa Fe.

I took a picture of my shoes that I have been wearing non-stop since May! My favorites... and comfy. They are Keen shoes...

Also... here is a nice little photo of one of my three cats. May I introduce you to Gracie. She is a little bit different than any cat I have ever had. Poor little thing... she has occasional seziures and is also very slow. But we love her and deal with her slow mentality and her seizures. We call her our special cat.

Last but not least... saw an AWESOME movie this morning. Its called "Reservation Road" and I highly recommend it. Its five stars and has Joaquin Phoenix in it... an excellent actor. This movie was never promoted by its production company therefore not many people have seen it. But it should be seen.

Well.. tomorrow is Monday. Sigh. Back to work. Only 6 more months to retirement and I am counting the minutes!