Sunday, January 6, 2008

New project

I've never really gotten knitting but I am anxious to get good at it so I can knit some of the beautiful things I have seen on other blogs. One goal is to knit a baby surprise jacket... here is my current project..knitting a scarf...I think its turning out pretty nice considering I'm not very good at knitting. Its a simple pattern.


♥.•*Carol T*•.♥ said...

Hi Leslie
The scarf that I made, to tell you the truth, I didn't measure it, but, what i went by, was I am 5'5", & the friend I made it for is about 5'9", & she can wrap it around her neck 2 times, with a lot left over to go down the front.!!
For me, I probable could wrap it around my neck 3 surely would stay nice & warm!!!
It all depends on who you're making the scarf for, if the person is taller then 5'5", it would seem, sooo long(for someone shorter then that), & for someone taller then me, (like my whole family!!!) it would be just right!!
so, when you're making the beginning chain, keep ,measuring it, by putting it around your neck, that's what I did...
The tassles at each end, don't count, for how long the scarf is, they just make the scarf look nice!!!
I hope this helps